Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy 2013! | Resource Spotlight: The Crayon Kingdom by Jennie Bishop

Happy New Year everyone! We are grateful for all that has happened in this past year and look forward to a new year.

It was a little over four years ago when we stumbled upon a wonderful story by Jennie Bishop, “the Crayon Kingdom,” in the midst of development of a new production for a New Year’s event. The story is charming and thoughtful, and, at the time, just felt right.The decision was made to scrap our current developing production and to adapt, record and produce a Spanish puppet musical of the Crayon Kingdom (with only 6 weeks until show time)! Little did we know just how beautiful this production would turn out to be and now, years later, we are more than happy to recommend this book, whether for pleasure reading/learning or production material.The Crayon Kingdom tells the story of the trouble that ensues once Green feels underappreciated and decides to work only with other Greens instead of his colorful friends. Join the Crayons as they learn the necessity and beauty of working together to make a masterpiece.

The Crayon Kingdom is available from PurityWorks.

Listen to our Spanish adaptation on YouTube.