Friday, May 25, 2012

Engaging El Sobrante Christian School students with the Gospel

CMT Ministries finally had the opportunity to visit with their old neighbors at El Sobrante Christian School for a chapel presentation of CMT Ministries' production of "You Are Special." Tbe 30-minute program featured storytelling, blacklight, music, puppetry, painting and illusions.

In the words of vice principal, Jeannine: "During this performance, students were presented with the full Gospel message in an exciting way that related to their lives... All our students loved this presentation! Thoughout the show, students were sitting 'on the edge of their seats' in anticipation... Students talked about the show for days!"

Indeed, the students of El Sobrante Christian were the epitome of a perfect audience. They laughed at the humor, clapped and snapped at the music, woah'ed and wow'ed at the wonder and listened attentively to the message behind it all.

We are very grateful to our hosts, Jeannine and Darren, for inviting us to visit. It goes without saying that we had an amazing time and are very excited that we have been invited to return next school year. Go Eagles!

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